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How to Receive the prophet’s Reward…


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This year, I’ve been instructed to help God’s people receive the Prophet’s Reward.

Have you wondered why God set prophets in the Body of Christ? According to Jesus, one reason is to help people receive extraordinary blessings: 

He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward… (Mat 10:41)


There are two parts to receiving the Prophet’s Reward:


FIRST – RECEIVE THE PERSON: “He that receiveth a prophet…”

Dechomai: (1) To take with the hand, (2) to receive favourably, (3) to give ear to, (4) to make one’s own, (5) to approve, (6) to not reject, (7) to sustain

  1. Take your prophet’s hand. He will walk you into the deeper blessings of God.
  2. Receive your prophet favorably. Celebrate your supernatural relationship.
  3. Listen to your prophet. He will help you hear the whispers of God.
  4. Make him your personal prophet and cultivate a true prophetic relationship.
  5. Approve of Your prophet. Let others know you value and esteem him.
  6. Don’t exclude your prophet. Keep him close in tough times and in good times.
  7. Sustain your prophet. Like pastors, prophets need to live. Receiving a prophet means giving regular financial support to him.

SECOND – RECEIVE THE BLESSING: “…shall receive a prophet’s reward…”

Lambanō: (1) That which when taken is not let go, (2) To seize, (3) To lay hold of, (4) apprehend

  1. If you’ve sown into your prophet’s ministry, it’s your right to claim your prophet’s reward.
  2. Once you’ve laid claim to your prophet’s reward, by faith, never let go.
  3. Should anyone try to make you let go of your reward, stubbornly tighten your grip.
  4. Recognize, discern, grasp, comprehend and be convinced of your reward.

Here’s the summary: Hold fast to your prophet. Don’t let go of your reward.

Ask God to identify your prophet. Most people know who their pastor is, but few have discerned who their personal prophet is. If you know who your prophet is, you are far ahead of most people, and on your way to receiving extraordinary blessings. 

If God has witnessed to you that I am to be the special prophet in your life, let me know immediately. Tell me something special about yourself. Tell me where, how, and when we became connected. And tell me and what you feel God is saying to you about our special relationship. I want you to get the most from the Prophet’s Reward. Here’s my 


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1 thought on “The Prophet’s Reward”

  1. I’ve known Ambassador Larry Huggins for over 30 years. His message today is the same as it’s been since I’ve known him. The Risen Christ, the Pauline Revelation (what Christ has done for us by his death burial and resurrection and who we are in Him) and that God hasn’t changed. He’s truly a new testament prophet of grace. I know of financial blessings that I’ve received directly due to supporting him and reaping the prophet’s reward. I gave a substantial offering to him 25 years ago as I felt instructed of the Lord to do as an act of faith while praying for a new account that I had been blessed with but was about to lose. Everything has turned around with that account. It’s been my best account and the proceeds from which have sustained me and my family and several other families for 25 years. To date, they have done over 7 million dollars worth of business with us. Larry has spoken into my life throughout the years and it’s always encouraged and led to more of God’s blessing in my life. If you feel the Lord is leading you to become his partner, I strongly suggest that you do so. You won’t regret it.

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